Ponderings on Thankfulness

It's so true, isn't it? We always think things will be better if. If my job wasn't so boring...if I was making more money, if it wasn't raining, if these pants just fit better, if if if if. The funny thing is that if/when those things actually happen, we realize just how silly it is to chase the "what ifs." It's like the cat chasing the ball of string...we pounce, and the ball just keeps moving ahead. We'll never get there.

What's the solution? I think the solution is what so many of us have been talking about lately. THANKFULNESS. Being thankful is our response to God in obedience to what He's told us to do...not in response to how we feel about a certain thing. We "rejoice always"...sometimes its not always an emotion but rather a response to the REALITY of how good God is. Then, He blesses us with the true, deep feeling of gratitude for Who He is and what He's done for us.

Just a continuation, I guess, of many other "bloggings" lately. As I process this stage of life I'm in. I've spent the past few months complaining about how "boring" my job is. Things have changed over the past two weeks, and I'm now totally swamped with things to do...and I'm really realizing the reality of what I've been complaining about. Boring job vs. busy job. God is good to give us what we need, and He's the one who knows it anyway. If I'm not happy in the "boring job" how will I really be happy in the "busy job"? The things I complain about right now will never go away unless I begin to be truly thankful for the TRUTH about my life. I don't want to be a complainer. He's so good, isn't He?


khunton 9/11/04 12:44 PM  

Hey love,
My eyes have just been opened to the wonderful world of blogging! It was so fun to browse through the other blogs and to see a couple updates on our friends! I loved what you had to say about living for the "what if's" in life. I specifically remember (we laugh now about it) when I was in jr. high, my best friend and I layed in her bed and dreamed about how fabulous our lives would be if we only made the high school drill team. We would be popular, beautiful, the envy of every girl. Well, we made the team, but our lives were not quite as fabulous as we had dreamed. It's funny the things we think will make us happy. I wonder if ever God just has to laugh when we think these things - like, I would be completely satisfied if I had a $500 shopping spree. Yeah right--I'd just want to shop more! Anyways, all to say I'm with ya sista'. I know we both are busy, but I'd love to talk soon. Thanks for the emails and letters. Stephen and I think about you guys so much. PS-Will you come to the Helvey wedding? You can stay w/ us! We've been invited. I would love to see you both. Think about it....XOXO

Virginia 10/11/04 10:35 AM  

hey!!! yes, blogging has been a fun discovery over the past few months. :)

we are not planning on going to Helvey wedding, but we are dying to come to ATL to see you guys! we're talking about a long weekend in the spring.

miss you guys. we'll talk soon.

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