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It's another late night and I'm up, feeling tired and awake all in the same instance. I got off work about 2 hours ago and I'm stuck thinking I can eek a few more hours out of my day before I have to start all over again. There will never be enough time to accomplish what I feel needs accomplishing. I've been wanting to go photograph the world all summer and have yet to do it. I keep telling myself that I'll at least catch the nourished fall we'll soon be having, but in odds I'll probably only catch it's final fireworks. I still feel the same sense of regret I felt when I was procrastinating through life. Now I am actually busy and doing what I need to, but still missing out on the opportunities I used to have time to do but never did. I'm hoping that opportunity + motivation will be one of the defining aspects of life in heaven: To say "I want to paint a picture" and do it and invest in it for a thousand years and give it as a gift to the Lord, not having any sense of regret or feeling "lost" of time. To be completely "selfish" for lack of a better term in the gifts he's given so that we may offer it as a sacrifice for his glory. How fulfilling will that be? Well, my ambivolent nature in the area of sleep has evolved into a clear one sided choice. I'm tired and going to bed. g'night all.


Brett 3/9/04 12:34 AM  

Lets go take some pictures sometime, my friend.

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